Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gigilo Goat on loan

December 10, 2009

Here he is. Stud Goat. Man of the hour. Tiger Woods Wannabee. On loan from our nephew Jeremy. Its breeding time for our female goats and they were in need. A need we could not fill. We don't keep Billy Goats on the farm anymore for the simple reason of...they stink. Its not their fault, it's just who they are. They have this curious habit of urinating on their own noses and then rubbing their noses against the nose of the doe they would like to date and later marry. I for one do not see the attractiveness of this habit but I've been told, more than once in my life, that my standards are too high. And when it involves pee soaked nasal cavities, yeah; I think I'll keep those standards high thank you very much.

So when we want kids (baby goats) we borrow a Billy to get the job done. He'll go back to his home farm in Watseka soon. He's a little rough around the edges, even his horns are cracked, but its a well known fact that the imperfect ones of any specious usually make the best mates. Last year the Billy we borrowed was a real pretty boy who ended up shooting duds. And after we removed his rifle loaded with the chocolate covered caramels we realized he was sterile as well. No babies this past spring.

So this year we went for the plain Jane (I mean Jack) He's friendly enough to me and very friendly to our does and that's what counts. The first few days they bossed him around quite a bit making him wait for his share of leftover produce and hay but then the weather turned cold and they needed each other for warmth. Soon I saw all five goats huddled into one calf hutch. They looked cozy. Which means Cozy Jr. should make an appearance next May.

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