Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dance of the Sugar Plum Grand Daughters

December 30, 2009

Christmas vacation equals no school which equals more time with the grandchildren. They stayed overnight with us this past Monday and Tuesday. We kept them busy with baking cookies, finger painting, outside snow play, some TV time and the ever popular interpretive dance. The dancing was their idea. I was in the kitchen doing dishes while they were watching Tom and Jerry Nutcracker Suite. Yes, it is a real movie and if you have not seen Tom whack Jerry's head with an over sized Christmas Tree to the Waltz of the Flowers, then you have lived a sheltered life indeed.

After the movie the girls were still humming the classical music so I popped in my Nutcracker CD in the CD player I have in the kitchen. With no prompting the two of them began their own grade school ballet. They were all over that kitchen ! The louder I turned up the music the harder and faster they danced. They twirled and swooped, leaping through the air better than Michael Flatley

They danced almost an hour. Yes, I did join for awhile but my port de bras is no longer as graceful as it once was and the height of my soubresaunt is pitiful. It all came crashing down (literally as I bounced my head off the hanging pots over my stove) when I made a desperate attempt to do just one more rond de jambe. When my non-ballerina type body crashed to the floor on top of the sauce pans the girls told me with their eyes it was time to retire my tutu. So I pulled my injured ego off the dance floor and let the girls finish what they started.

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