Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foodie ?!?!

My father was the original "Foodie"  He loved food of all kinds. Especially the food my mother made. Every meal she made was wonderful (in his mind) and he was grateful.

"Thank you Beautiful, you sure know the way to my heart"

I'm sure at that time my mother was thinking "Oh great, now I've done it. Irish Lover Boy is in a good mood. Just what I need." As she spooned meatloaf out on the plate of child number 6 hoping the kids wouldn't mind the fact that she had to stretch the 1/2 pound of burger with a box of saltines.

We didn't mind. We were hungry and didn't know much better. Now, a few years later I've fairly entrenched in the world of food. Local, all natural, beyond organic, frozen meat to groceries, fresh carcasses to the restaurants and 100% grass fed in our little farm store, etc... etc... food. Still, I'd give a million critically endangered Red Wattles with their awesome back fat and super luscious loins just to have my mom in front of us again serving  over cooked meatloaf swimming in a bath of watered down ketchup.

Food is love in so many ways. It certainly makes my husband very happy when I cook for him.  Men. Made simple by God to make up for the insanity of all womankind.  I can say those kind of things. I'm an ex-feminist. A couple of mornings ago I made him some of these

These are eggs we sell in our store. Three come from 3 neighbor farmers and one is ours, The different shell colors are a result of the breed of the chicken. Shells are pretty to look at but its the INSIDE that tells the real story

At high noon we have an egg for a chicken who has just started being let outside on grass. Also new to natural feed, only having been fed non-commercial feed for about two weeks. At 3 pm we have another pastured chicken egg from chickens who gets commercial feed. Then at 6pm we have an egg from a nice middle aged couple who let their chickens run all over the free world, chased for fun by heathen grandchildren  and eat only bugs they can find on their own and any leftover organic feed the farmers might drop on the ground. Egg number four at 9pm came from free range chickens fed certified organic feed.

Weird thing was, after I cooked them and fed them all to hubbie, not telling him which eggs came from where, he liked them all and couldn't tell the difference. The moral of the story ?

My husband is happy when I cook for him. Period


  1. An egg is an egg is an egg...but I like the idea of the egg coming from a chicken that was happy.

  2. I think more rubbish is talked about EGGS than any other food. The best are like mine; the hens just run about in all weathers, eat a bit of crushed maize and a few bugs, and lay nice eggs.

  3. An egg is an egg is not an egg!

    I just read an article in Mother Nature News that the eggs from pastured hens have 25% less saturated fat, 1/3 less cholesterol and 2 times the omega-3s than industrial eggs. Other pasture animals have similar benefits. It even said that butter from pastured dairy is even somewhat good for you. I'ma have to find some when I get back home. I cant wait to have a little butter back in my diet.

  4. my grandparents loved food also... it was a product of making do in the 1930s!
    watching them eat a nice meal and enjoying it
    was always a particular joy!

  5. Some real egg lovers out there. Good thing cause it sure has gotten a bad rap lately.

    I do believe the chickens diet and type of condo he resides in makes a difference in taste. Eggs we see in restaurants have pale yolks and pale tastes. The wussie yolks also break easily. I too read the article Briny is talking about in Mother Earth News and our physician supports the findings that pasture raised chickens produce healthier eggs. Unlike other MD's he encourages his patients to eat eggs from free range chickens OFTEN. He suggest 2-3 each day. Yes, thats right, EACH DAY.

    He also eats lots of meat.

    He is brillant as far as I am concerned.

  6. I went on a diet/health kick to lower my cholesterol years ago. Contrary to what my MD said, I made an egg flip smoothie for breakfast each day. This had a free range egg from my parents chooks, whole milk, honey, vanilla and torula yeast. I ate what I liked for the rest of the day other than avoiding deep-fryed food. Four weeks later my cholesterol levels were totally fine and my doctor didn't believe me when I told him what I ate *blows raspberry behind his back* ;)

    Love free range eggs and your story is interesting - thanks for sharing :)