Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wanted: New Blood

Our Red Wattle blood line needed a little something. A little somethin' somethin' as we used to say on the night shift. We had two extra of the  same ol' same ol' so we put an ad in the ALBC (American Livestock Breed Conservancy) classifieds hoping to sell the two boars we had too much of.

Oh they were fine looking fellows but too well known in the neighborhood DNA wise. Our Red Wattle blood line needed , dare I say it ? Diversity. I often get myself in trouble when I use that word so I've learned to be cautious.

No one seemed interested in buying either of the guys but we did get an offer to trade from another ball team. Get it ? BALL team ? Oh come on, you know that's funny. Is too. So we swapped pictures and profiles, work histories, parental blood lines and other resume stuff. A deal was struck and the Wickham Farmers arrived from Maquoketa, Iowa.

New pig exhausted from his ride. Its not easy laying on a comfy bed
with absolutely no responsibilities you know. Like being a teen again.

Their boar met our high standards..."four legs, check. Two ears, check, ability to play ball ...check." (Sorry, cannot help myself). Our boar winked at the female farmer and grunted "me boar, you Jane" and the deal was completed. Really, her name was Jane. Really.

Cool thing is, this new guy is brother to Barbara, the Gal RW who came to our farm a few months ago from Wisconsin to be bred by our other boar Mad Max. The resemblance was uncanny. Light red color, slender nose and that charming smile. It is definitely a small world here in Red Wattle Willage.

Professional hog movers...were no call, no shows, so Keith and Walt rose
to the challenge. Securing the trailer well with bread loaf twist ties
our dark skinned RW was made ready for the trip West.
Trailers were backed up, critters loaded, unloaded, loaded again and soon we had fancy new blood in the form of a fellow we call "Wickham Farm Wally" unless I change my mind and call him "Maquoketa Wally" or maybe "Maquoketa Man" who knows? Who really cares.

Keith humming "Getting to know you" with new boar Wally.
Obviously one ferocious pig

He has sweet eyes, that's all that matters. Well that and the ability to knock a few out of the ball park


  1. Thanks for the laugh! Love the Red Wattles for their "ferociousness"...grrr...:)

  2. In the last picture, he looks 99% wild boar..... just like the blighters we have too many of around here!

  3. Thank You for that funny post. I hope Wally's family jewels are as precious as his sweet eyes.

  4. There are professional hog movers? Really? Looking forward to more news on this front, can't wait to see pictures of baby pigs!

  5. Hysterical! I hope he hits some home runs in the "ball" park!!!!

  6. Hi Donna and Keith. Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our visit at South Pork Ranch. The trip home was uneventful and the new boar (we've got to get a name for him) is settled in. Saturday, he met the twins, Wilma and Wanda. They are getting along good so far. We have high hopes for the three of them in the future.

    Walt and Jane

  7. Looks like there was no fowl ball there.

  8. What a great blog you have!
    I haven't heard of this type of pig so will have to do some reading up. I like your line on the side..." to save them, you must eat them".