Thursday, August 25, 2011

Certified Organic Farm...Still for Sale

6 weeks ago we listed our farm for sale amidst shock, awe and denial. Keith had some feelings about it as well but he doesn't remember what they were.

Folks were frightened when they heard the news. Many had just this year discovered us and did not want to think about having to find another farmer they could trust. In this area of GMO corn, bean and CAFO livestock (confined to concrete bunkers) it is not easy to secure either certified organic meat or even meat just grown on pasture let alone raw milk. No dairy farmer wants to sell raw milk anymore. Too many horror stories about uninvited governmental interference. (Really who ever INVITES the government to interfere?)

We were concerned that by announcing our plans to sell we might harm our business and fact of the matter is, when you have a mortgage and feed bills to pay...we needed business. Instead, a wonderful thing has occurred. We now have more business. Which just clarifies why we need to sell.

Its all outgrown us. Just like our children have. We can't keep up

And just like our children, we look at not just what we have accomplished but we also see all our mistakes, our misguided notions, the things we should've and could've done better. Take that goat barn for example. Please, TAKE IT. Its falling down and won't make it through this winter. Since it looks like we might be here this winter after all what do we do ?

Invest in a new building to house the ever increasing hog herd we have? True all summer and fall they will use the old goat barn which now houses hogs, very little but a good hard windy winter storm will surely knock it over. We can't risk the injury of animals and frankly the loss of income.

What to do, what to do !? Tear down, shore up, build new WHAT ?!?!

Of course the easy answer to this and more troublesome conundrums here on South Pork Ranch is the sale of our farm. Then new owners with all that great first love & enthusiasm will look at that old goat barn turned hog shelter and see a fantastic opportunity for a gift shop, a writers cottage, a chicken coop, (Its original 1910 purpose)  a training center for wilderness survival groups. The possibilities are endless

But for now, the goat barn remains in limbo. Tired, worn. missing a few boards, in need of a new purpose and some TLC.

Not unlike this writer.

Wanted: Folks with enthusiasm, strong backs and vision. Apply within


  1. I cross my fingers for You, that You can sell Your farm soon (and of course for the old barn, too, that it will survive the next winter). Perhaps the increased business will help to sell the farm for a good (for a better) price.

  2. Hello Donna.

    I've listed you as a 'versatile blogger' so please feel free to accept and copy/paste this logo onto your blog.

    If you accept the idea is (I think) to continue the link...

    All the best


  3. I could surely identify with this post. Not that we have a farm but we have a home that we love, with fruit trees, fish pond, large garden plot, many flower beds, and my husband and I were just not able to keep it all up with other things we are doing as well. But rather than sell, we rented it to a couple who are young and enthusiastic and excited about making it their home. They get $300 credit on the rent for work equity, to fix up and do repairs, and once the economy stabilizes and they can qualify for a mortgage, they will purchase. It was a win win situation for all of us. We miss our idyllic home and grounds but don't miss all the work and trouble!

  4. Across most of the world it would be burned to the ground, the insurance claimed, and a new one erected in its stead. I'm pleased to see that this was NOT one of your options.

  5. Misc. Yes the increased business is a mixed blessing.Yesterday when we took a Red Wattle Carcass o Chicago just so another chef could "look" at it, he told us he wanted one every week. Yikes again.

    Chris : Versatile ? Me ? Psychotic and scattered brained is more like it but those awards come with strong meds don't they ? All the same, Many many thanks thanks.

    Karen. You have got my wheels turning. Hmmmmmmm

    Cro, the thing about this farm. We still love it and want it to continue for years to come...just not with us at the helm anymore. Funny thing...this place was scheduled to be bulldozed when we bought it.

  6. Woo hoo! I'm back online after 2 weeks of a lightening fried network card and no internet! I've been wondering about the status of your farm. I reckon it's just a matter of waiting for the right person and the right time.