Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its all over.

Summer that is. Even though technically summer is not over for a few weeks yet, in these here parts it end abruptly as the last Carnie leaves town thus bringing to a close yet another Fairbury Fair.

For decades the founding Fairbury mothers, because only a mom could be this smart, decided school would not start until the fair ended. It's a great fair for such a small town and this year I noticed several new things. Like carnival workers in uniform, sporting Australian accents and wearing name tags such as, "My name is Mate." It was all enough to get me to fork over $4 for two GK's to pull a couple of cheap plastic ducks out of a mini-moat. (If Keith hadn't been there I probably would've paid for 2 more ducks just to hear Mr. Aussie speak yank at me.

All in all, a great day. First the goat show, followed by a back stage visit to all the show contestants

A petting zoo stop which always bores the GK's with the exception of the buffalo, one critter we do not house on South Pork Ranch

Of course no fair is complete without a Fun House. Does anyone else see Jane Curtain in the mirror or is it just me ?

Soon after a spin around the inside of a blue dragon. Wes kept telling me, "its only pretend Yaya" My screaming must have concerned him.

And speaking of screaming... this girl could win contests.

Quiet moments were abundant as well. As seen here when Keith and Wes discuss how idiotic the grandmother looks as she crawls thorough the tumbling wooden tunnel with all the other second graders

Eventually one talked the other into trying the big slide. Both admitted they had never done anything quite so risky before.

Its a good thing they did not see Allana's face before they went down or they never would've climbed up those stairs.
See you next year Fairbury Fair !


  1. That last picture is a PRIZE WINNER. Why were there so many Aussies at the fair? Sheep shearers maybe?

  2. I can't decide which I like better, the "cone head" shot or the "get me off this thing" shot.

  3. Whadayamean Summer is over! I'm still waiting for it to start over here.

  4. Somebody forgot to mention the camels....I haven't seen those at the ranch!

  5. These are the beautiful days in childhood. Of course, I love the fair because of Funnel Cake. Hehe Haha