Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair, the Farmwife Musical

Awhile back I made my first shampoo bar which is basically just a soap bar but better.
Why better?

Well, its fatter, and it lathers well and it smells nice and keeps my hair cleaner longer or maybe I'm just getting lazier but either way it makes me happy. Not giggly happy but enough sometimes to hum in the shower.

Yes, I know humming is not really a musical but musicals didn't start with a million string orchestra did they ?
No, they did not. Somewhere, someone started humming and THEN it became a musical.

Do you think Mozart had a shampoo bar ? Well, I do. Its not like he had Prell back then. Besides as white as his hair was if he used liquid shampoo it would certainly have been Lemon-Up.

Weirdly one of my regular milk, meat and then soap customers asked me if I had ever thought about making a shampoo bar.

I had, just the night before.
And it looks a little something like this

Yup, I really did take this picture with my little
digital camera on my back porch. It
was indeed a good blue sky day
Made in the ultra high tech PVC tube and cut by hand (I know, one can hardly tell) with a crinkle potato knife, it does lather and clean well. Smells of Lemongrass , orange and grapefruit it is indeed fun to shampoo with even if there is no plastic lemon screwed on the top. Color comes from ground organic orange peel.

The recipe is    Coconut Oil 10oz
                       Olive Oil         5 oz
                        Rice Bran Oil 5oz
                       Castor Oil     2.5oz
                       Sunflower Oil  2.5 oz

Now for REAL shampoo bar makers start here and learn from the professionals.

Now, go hit the showers.


  1. Oh yea! You did it!!! Isn't it fabulous??

  2. I bet it smells Great... I have always wondered if a shampoo bar would work with my hair.. I got a lot of hair..I need to look into that!

  3. Many moons ago I used a coconut oil shampoo, and it made my hair greasy. I was teaching at the time and even the children used to make comments. I had to stop. Does this not do the same?

  4. Your shampoo bar looks great. And to use ground orange peel is a nice idea.

  5. Amy, it is fabulous and fun. When I was a kid and we ran out of Lemon-Up or Breck we had to use Zest bar soap. Made your hair feel like a Brillo Pad !

    Tonia, my hair is shoulder length and very grey now, and thick. This bar leaves it soft and easy to pull into a ponytail or pile up on top of my head like the chic chignon woman I am.

    Cro, No grease. Even though the bar is made with lots of oils, the lye "saponifies" them and thus they moisturize instead of slickerize.

    Misc. The ground orange peel is almost powder like so it adds texture to its looks but not to its feel. Sadly SEVERAL oranges were slaughtered in the making of this soap. AND I also tested it on our Great Pyrenees who looks Maaarvelous

  6. thank you for the shout out and link!! let us know how your shampoo bar turns out... ! xo jen

  7. Lemon-Up, OMG!
    How can I get a shampoo bar?
    I live in Pennsylvania.

  8. To all nice folks with money
    I am working on a soap store for this blog and our farms web site

    Until then, If you would like one of these shampoos bars or any other soap bar I have posted about please email me with your address and I will shoot you prices.

  9. Love your shampoo bar pics! Your recipe looks nice too - I love rice bran oil in soap and shampoo bars :)