Sunday, October 31, 2010

New I come.

So, thats done. Made it through my last night as an RN (if all goes as planned). My final nightshift was exactly like the last M*A*S*H* episode. We were terribly busy, admits coming from all corners of the earth. Helicopters landing on the roof, in the parking lot, on the break room table bringing in hundreds of needy , bleeding patients. There was so much life saving going on there was no time for the sad goodbyes we were all dreading. All I got was a message of love and support carved into a lucious Red Velvet cake baked by some kind soul and oh yeah,  a eerie visit by some crazy tattooed chick with hypnotizing RED lips. Breaking up is hard to do.

Apparently, I am not yet ready to talk about it seriously. maybe tomorrow

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