Thursday, October 14, 2010

No, you are not there yet.

Of course I have not forgotten about my farm, its just that I haven't forgotten enough about Ireland yet. So another blog on EIRE, if you don't mind...

In order to get anywhere in Ireland you have to have been there at least once before if not ten times before. Please refer to the legend of Corkscrew Hill for more data. To explain...signs in Ireland do not give actual, accountable directions. They are merely posted as a suggested route or even better, signage in the isle of confusion offer a way to drive around endlessly rather than productively, as we do in the US of Right Way. They are basically only a source of amusement never to be confused with a source of useful information.

In addition to the function aka dysfunction of I,rish signs, the physical placement of signs is thwice as frustrating. Some will be located innocently enough up an upright pole but they fear abandonment and therefore you will never find just ONE sign on a pole. Some poles will have four signs for the SAME village or B&B on a pole but not a single sign for some wee village like say DUBLIN, that might be nice to visit.

Some signs fall off the pole and then are placed on the ground up against the pole by a kind passerby. They will of course be pointing skyward or towards the footpath (sidewalk) Ha ha so funny, I forgot you were daft. Oh now, don't be so judgemental you might be thinking, BUT YOU WERE NOT THE ONE DRIVING ON THE ROUND ABOUTS WITH NEWBIE TRAVELERS BEING SLAMMED AGAINST WINDOWS AND COMPLAINING OF THE NEED TO HURL WHILE ALL THE GERMAN AUTOBAHN DRIVERS ARE EDGING THEIR VEHICLES UP YOUR HOLE.  I'm not being crude. Just sharing a little modren irish slang wit ya. Instead of saying "I was being tail gaited." They say "I did not appreciate that *&!@ being up my hole"

The Irish. They tell it like it is, except when it comes to proper road sign


  1. Actually, it makes sense:: not every one has a tail gate, but everyone...

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Welcome back.