Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lets Make a Squeal !!

We have a winner ! Ham roast roll please.....a woman named Shannon who emailed me her guess of 10 piglets born Oct 26. Second place goes to Joy Dassow of rural Chatsworth who guessed 9 on Oct 26 and for good measure added a time of 3:18 pm. Third place was Stacey Scholte of Beecher who also guessed 9 born on Oct. 26 but no time. I will contact all winners to arrange prize distribution.

So here's the story ...of a huge sow lady....

It was a dark , and stormy night , windy too, not as windy as it is right now but still pretty windy. Windy enough that when Keith yelled through the kitchen door last night "We got babies !" I wasn't sure if it was him or just another odd Roe Conn report. (Just google WLS radio and be done with it)

I shut off the stove burners,  ironically I was making my speciality meatloaf covered with bacon, and rushed to my husbands side with my bosom heaving. (I've always wanted to write that, now that I have, I know I will never write that phrase again). "Take me....to her " I demanded.

We navigated our way over electric fences, in the pitch black nonetheless, and out to Miss Debbies private hog hotel. She had just birthed babe number seven but something was wrong. (dada,da,daaaaaa). Red Wattle Wonder was not breathing. Wait, was that a little gasp ?!  "Grab it Keith " I demanded . "Shake it " I demanded. See a trend here ?  He did. It moved a little. He rubbed it some more. It let out a tiny mouse squeak. He tossed it one handed, high into the air,  flipping it like a pancake, head over tail ....naaaaaa, he just rubbed it a little harder. It did then let out a loud squeal and mamma sow gave Keith the evil pig eye. He gently rolled it into the pile of other newborns and it started fighting for a nipple alongside with all its siblings. Peer pressure begins very early in the world of swine.

We left Deb alone, checked on her before bed and total newborns were 11 ! One dead and by the looks of it did not look like it has been born alive. So 10 new little fullbred Red Wattle hogs born on a beautiful Fall evening. What a great way to start a week.

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