Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are ye going to Scarborough Fair ?

          View from the back door of Sycamore House in Ballyvaughan the day of our arrival. 
                      Pot of gold to  the far left

There is funny and then there is hysterical. Last Wed. eve in Ballyvaughan in a pub I will not name because I don't want to embarrass the owner, there was this girl. The  kinda girl who well...thought she could sing but missed the mark by several hundred feet. The men in the session (an imprompto band ) could not keep straight faces. We four out-of-towners could not keep straight faces nor could the owner of the pub. Even though we all tried very hard. So many off key notes done with so many dramatic hand to the throat gestures in so little time. Soon enough we made it outside to stand on the street, smoke a few fags and giggle it up royally. Just one more memory of Eire that will be forever be burned in my memory.

I arrived home late last night after spending a week in Sycamore House in Ballyvaughan County Clare Ireland. (A gorgeous home owned by Seamus and Mary Malborough  see it at http://www.burrenholidays.com/sycamore/index.php ) I am ashamed to say, my 11th trip to the isle. This year I traveled with three RN friends and we stayed 6 nights. To share the joy of Eire in one blog would be a great disservice so I'll tell you a story or two each day for a while. Just another of my Blog Series. So for now just one pic to whet your appetite. This delay will also give me a little time to wash the peat fire smell from my jeans and remove the Cobb Horse giftings from my boots.

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  1. My Genealogy addicted wife is oohing and awing over your trip. She has spent a lot of time in her Genealogy studies online in Southern Ireland.