Thursday, October 21, 2010

Manure relocation program

We have always believed that physical work is good for the body, the brain and the soul. We are those odd kind of parents who required their children to actually help around the farm being as they ate the food we produced. But we never put them to work too early or had them do tasks that were unsafe or beyond their years.( Except of course when mamma was off the farm. seems a few hard and fast rules were waived in my absence.) And then along came  grandson Wesley...

Yeah, his legs were a little short for the pedals but that was easily fixed with a wood block nailed to his shoe. The little tyke worked last evening and several hours this evening as well to spread 20 loads of manure. Some of that excrement had not seen the light of day since it first saw the light of day when it left Mrs O'Malleys cow. But Wesley just dug right through it, loaded it into the manure spreader and then drove the spreader across our fields adding important nutrients to our pastures With some kids you really have to preach and cajole when it comes to working hard and earning their own way. Not Wesley. He just gets it.

In fact he is such an upstanding little dude he admitted his Uncle Kyle may have helped a tiny bit.

Seriously now. Farms are unsafe places. Kids are risktakers. Take the time to explain the dangers of machinery and livestock and supervise young children closely. Here is a great article. After reading it I found a few more things WE could be doing better. How about you ?

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