Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its your fate but its not your fault

Told you. Millions of song lyrics in my head. The one above comes from "The Bare Naked Ladies" who are anything but ladies and do not perform naked. That I know.

And the point is...I make lists. Its keeps my insanity organized. I have farm to do lists, and household lists. I have Items to ask the Public Health Department Lists. I have grocery lists, customer contact lists, and a list of items needed to network my home and business computers. All of these items are on a MASTER LIST. It helps me plan a life that is often unplannable

Last week when grandaughter Allana age 6, came to visit she handed me...a list. I did not tell her to make a list, I have never sat with her and said "To succeed in life (or fail in a systematic way at least) one must make a list". Nope. She just showed up with a list of things she wanted to get done while at my house.

In case you don't read pre-first grader, let me interpret for you. Her list is as follows
1. Outside
2. To Catch a bird (baby peacocks)
2. Computer time
4. Sister (play with)
5. Wesley) brother to play with
6. Color
7. Book (she said we could read OR write one)
8. Trampoline (we don't have one but she said if we did she would play on it)
9 Vaccuum (She just likes to)
10 Tricks on swings (Yaya was a circus clown before she was a farmer)

So that prompted me to REWRITE the list I had for that day so we could be in sync with each other. Yesterday she said to me "Yaya, I will love you PAST the future" Now that is what I call an expert planner.

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  1. Well my sweet Allana, making lists in our family goes back to YaYa's mommy & my mommy & your great grand mommy. Grandma O'Shaughnessy would make a list everyday, from any kind of paper she could get her hands on. IN FACT to save paper she would fold it in half and use both sides, and before she threw it away, she would rip it in half. And to this day, I do the exact same thing, as YaYa, & Great Grandma. So you little girl, are awesome.
    Love you! Great Aunt Peg