Friday, June 11, 2010

Get Off Our Farms !

Again, our government, the same one whose duty it is to serve and protect us, is interfering with a farmers right to make a living for himself and for his/her family. Every week I hear of a farm who is being invaded by uninvited government officials in the ruse of "public safety" even though no illness has been reported and no claim has been filed. Please take a few moments to read about the Herschberger Family in Wisconsin

It is difficult to believe that small farmers like us, with a few freezers full of fresh, farm-raised meat and a few less stainless steel tanks filled with raw milk, could actually be percieved as a threat to the mega-agri businesses. But apparently we are. Instead of spending the very hard earned tax money we send our government on slightly more important issues such as terrorism and of the prevention of thousands of illegal aliens crossing over our borders every year, they chose to spend this money harrasing, inspecting and invading the small farmer.

GET OFF OUR FARMS (unless of course I invite you and then prepare yourself for a treat of homemade oatmeal cake and a tall glass of ice cold raw milk. And if you are really lucky, I'll send you home with a free sample of 100% grass fed beef )

Stay up to date with the insanity through the Farm to Consumer Defense Fund    and Illinois ARMS (Alliance for Raw Milk) on  Facebook!/group.php?gid=248552160447&ref=ts


  1. Ridiculous!!!! We have gangs going wild, the mafia into everything, and let's not even get started on the questionable actions of our own politicians in the country............LEAVE THE FARMERS ALONE!!!!!! Spend your time and our tax dollars on things that matter, not on ruining a family living a noble and self-sustaining life.

  2. Thanks Laura. I'm not sure about noble, well my husband is, but we do try hard. And seems the HARDER some of our farmer friends work the more suspect they are. Too bad some of officials can't spend a little time making surprise raids on those collecting Public Aide to ensure OUR tax money is being used appropriately. But then that would be invasion of privacy now wouldn't it ?

  3. Oh lawsuits would fly and the ACLU (who I refer to as the anti-christian litigation union) would be rubbing their hands together with glee if the government tried to barge in on welfare folks to see how things were being utilized, or maybe to take a random drug test or two. This world/country has it all so backwards and wrong.

    Farming is noble--without it, the whole world would starve, but folks seem to forget that. My hubby farms---this year is hay for our horses, corn and black beans. He loves it, hard work and all. I just wish he got paid for what he does as much as A-Rod or Tom Cruise. All farmers deserve more than what they get for all the time, hard work and stress over weather and the fickle market prices they deal with, and we farm wives deal with too.