Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 weeks and counting

I am always setting goals for myself. A very bad habit.  Well, sometimes its good, but too often it keeps me from enjoying the NOW. Like my book. I set a goal for it to be finished by my birthday May 17. It is 3/4 done. New goal :complete by end of summer and have ready for some grammar nazi to review. (Mary and Tab, I am putting you on notice). Then it will be sent off to those I trust for content review .

In the meantime I am in the midst of another goal. (I like to overlap them just to keep the stress levels high.) My horse Nora and I leave for professional training with Chris Cox in just 10 short weeks. My summer goals with her include lots of saddle time and ground work time Much like needing to clean your house before the Merry Maids invade. This last week she and I have done well. She is willing and able whereas I am willing but more like Cain than Able.

Nora, age 7 on left with sidekick Doolin the miniature donkey on the right.

This week I have ridden both bareback and with my saddle. Next week I will try both those methods with Nora as well. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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