Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grounds in my Coffee

I love music. Carly Simon's songs are just a few of about ten billion that are constantly playing in my head. So when Keith and I were outside a couple of day ago, sweating like the oldies in humid 90 degree heat cleaning up our yard after the hundreth summer storm came through, I was surprised when we got a phone call from the Jankuns.  Not that it is so unusual to get a phone call , we have cell phones and land lines and we do get calls now and then, nor was it so  unusual that the Jankuns, fine photographers of Forrest Illinois   http://www.jankunstudio.com/  would call us. I mean they may be middle aged like us but they seem pretty tech savvy, or at least enough so to operate phones not to mention a few cameras. No, the part that surprised me was the content of their call.

They said, and I quote "We'll be swinging by your place in a few minutes to take some pictures because the clouds are just perfect"  WHAT ?!?! The clouds ?!?! Are perfect ?!?!?! Keith and I looked at each other and then looked up. Dang if those photography people weren't correct. The clouds WERE perfect. Gorgeous even. Once again we were so busy doing that ridiculous thing called work, that we did not even notice the Sistine Chapel just over our heads.

Now, you might ask, what does all that have to do with Carly Simon ? Well....(this is the spot where you raise your hand if you have heard this story before, thus excusing you from the burden of having to hear it again ) when I would sing Carly's song You're so vain I would always say there were grounds in my coffee, grounds in my coffee,  until one day my wise sister Mary, grammar Nazi even in high school, told me "hey GOOFASS, the words are CLOUDS in my coffee, not grounds !"

Hmmm, who knew. So I looked up at the sky, saw the clouds, thought of Mary, smiled at my ongoing ignorance and later thanked the Jankuns for pointing out the obvious. Something I often miss.


  1. (raising my hand) Love you Mom. I think of you and Mary and the eternal struggle between kites and those who hold the strings everytime I hear that song.

  2. Great post!! Beautiful memories!! Beautiful clouds!!