Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farmers on the Loose

In a few short hours our farm will be swarming with farmers, future farmers , retired farmers and farmer lovers. We are hosting our first ever pasture walk, co-sponsored by the Kankakee Graziers Group (just a bunch of grass loving farmers in Central Illinois) and the University of Illinois Extension. Yes, as a matter of fact , I do have an agenda and yes, it is in writing. I yam what I yam. But the agenda is very short and very flexible and basically says "Welcome. We will walk, we will talk, we will eat" Farmers are very good at all those things.

We are hopeful the weather will stay clear and not too humid. We had enough storm activity last night. Take a look.

The storm came in from the Iowa and rolled in quite quickly. The clouds were magnificient.

As with all storms that roll across the open plains to our west, moving east, we are often torn between doing the wise thing (basement ! Now!) or the slightly risky thing ("hey, go bring me a cup of coffee, lets sit out here and watch this thing"

Son Jason tried to hold the storm back, but alas his efforts were for the naught. It rained, again, anyway.
P.S. No farmers were hurt in the filming of this mini-drama.
P.S.S. When we finally went inside we discovered a message from our caring daughter Raven warning us about the approaching storm and perhaps we should take cover. Good to know someone has some brains in this family.


  1. The clouds do look a bit bubbly on the bottom, if the photo isn't misleading, they don't look too bad though. We've become rather good at cloud watching too as we have a fair amount of small tornados around our area. One came through town a few years ago damaging 90 some homes. Farmers don't have emergency sirens like our town does though I haven't found them to be effective.

  2. The tromp sounds like it would be a lot of fun! Hope those clouds didn't sprout form the bottom..