Friday, June 25, 2010

Walk this this way...

We were nervous and a little scared. We were afraid no one would show up. We were sure too many people would show up. We worried about too much rain and too much heat and I of course worried someone would fall down and die. Or at least get lost in the tall grass like some Children of the Corn victims.

BUT our first pasture walk proved a success in spite of the racket going on in my head. Thanks to the promotion and support of the University of Illinois Extension Office in Kankakee and the Graziers group of Kankakee and last but not least special thanks to my mother-in-law Lois Parrish. She mixed lemonade and ice tea, bought supplies and then hung out back at the farm in the shade of the tree with those folks who were smart enough NOT to walk around in 90 degree heat and 200% humidity.

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