Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Never ever, EVER say never.

I used to say I would NEVER drive a van again after our four kids were grown. I planned to buy a fast little two seater roadster when I hit middle age, just like my very good bestest friend Liz Daley in Dingle, County Kerry.

I used to say I would never buy a white car. I mean really, can you get any more boring than white ?!?

I used to say I would never buy a NEW car because everyone knows they depreciate the minute you drive them off the dealers lot.

So today my husband and I bought this...

Is it a van ? A car ? A truck ? A wagon ? Inspector Clouseau's car of the future ? We're not sure but we know it will carry SIX killed and chilled hogs to the restaurants we sell to. And that makes us happy. Thank you Ford for this creative little vehicle. The Transit Connect. I love it because it makes me want to drive on the left side of the road.


  1. Oh, it's delightful. Maybe we could drive it all the way to Ireland.....if not just a jaunt up to Chi-town would be grand! May I be your co-pilot on occasion?