Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank You Graze

Well you know me, if there is a soapbox I will stand on it, an opinion needed; I will give one. Like all things it goes back to parochial school. (Ha, you thought I was going to say Kevin Bacon didn't you?) If Sister Mary Gerard hadn't asked me what color the bathroom should be painted when I was in first grade, I might've grown up thinking the world could get by without my opinion. But she did, so here I am.

My raw milk battle continues, although I seem to be fighting it all alone . No I'm not talking about you people, or our customers, or the general public.  I am talking about our fearless leaders who do not want to play with me.

To date I have had no response from any of my emails,advertisements,letters, or phone calls regarding the statute prohibiting raw milk advertising in Illinois. I started this campaign on October 24, over a month ago. My how times flies when you are the one asking questions of THEM.

So I notched it up another level.

I contacted Joel McNair editor of Graze magazine  and pitched an idea about doing a raw milk update as it related to our farm in Illinois specifically, and the rest of the country in general. Joel had published another article of mine a few months ago and had encouraged me to write for him on a regular basis. I was thrilled that he was interested in this follow-up article " A Raw Deal : You can sell it;  Just don't tell it."

My article summarizes much of what I've been talking about on this blog the last several weeks but still, I am small town enough to think it may draw the attention of the higher ups who might, maybe, please with cream-on-top, be able to tell me WHY this farmer cannot advertise one of our farm products?  I am also small town enough to be excited to see our issues published in a national magazine.

Will I still be excited when IDPH notices and comes knocking, calling, asking to be invited in for a civil conversation about raw milk over a plate full of cookies? Yeah, I think I will be. But at the rate Illinois is moving in regards  to my questions I think I may have a little time to prepare for their visit.

How long exactly does it take for hell to freeze over?


  1. When certain laws become patently stupid, they are quietly forgotten. Best, I think, just to ignore, and continue selling.

    Does any milk go into the soap?

  2. Our Canadian raw milk champion is facing a fine and saying he would rather go to jail than pay it. How come here we are all over the issue and there no one is even lifting their heads? I don't get it.
    Really, wouldn't it be wiser to just go on advertising and selling and not throwing stones at the dog? Basically you have what you want even though it is against the law (which is a stupid law, I agree). It would appear that those in charge agree with you and would prefer to just let you go without raising any trouble.
    You don't really want to be fined or given jail time or shut down completely. I think you've already won if they are willing to just turn their heads and let you continue.
    I guess I'm just worried for you that you may end up in more trouble than you are ready to handle if you keep on "poking the bear".

  3. I was excited to see your byline in Graze! We have recently subscribed-its a nice publication. Congrads on the piece!

  4. My guess the black suits in white bodysuits will show up either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve so they can get triple double secret overtime pay.

  5. Goodness, what a variety of comments from just three folk.

    Cro. Yes some our made from cows milk. Makes for a very creamy, moisturizing bar.

    MBJ. Your concern touches me and I see your point but...being quiet out of FEAR is just another type of govermental control. Your points though are excellent ones and deserving of a full post.

    Hickchick. Many thanks. We too love Graze and not just because I write for them but because they focus on REAL small farmers, Our favorite kind, and the publication is full of good info.

  6. Donna,

    I applaud your continuing civil disobedience. The fact that the jack boot thugs haven’t come to your home (yet) does not mean that they have given up their assault on the freedoms of other people trying to sell raw milk or advertise the sale of their raw milk. One should absolutely NOT have to be frightened to do things like sell/advertise milk under cover of night just to avoid having the imbibes funded by our tax dollars from destroying your farm and family because of an asinine “law”.

  7. I say give 'em plenty of (raw)milk with that big ol' plate of cookies when they come a-callin'! ;)

  8. Good for you Donna! I'm delighted that your article on such an important topic was published. Keep up the good work :)

  9. I think the Milk Police will show up in the pre-dawn hours the day after Christmas.

  10. Donna, well done! Chipping away is more effective than most folks think. Who said it, "if people hear a thing often enough...." I'm fortunate that my state has really good laws regarding raw milk sales. Still, vigilance is required because the antis would probably like to target us as well.

  11. Donna, I am following your journey very closely, and with great excitement. We hope to be able to offer raw milk once we move to Red Gate, just about an hour and half or so from you. I must admit, I am thankful you have the nerve to do this, as I don't think I would. I am scared enough homeschooling my children.