Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Locally Made Best in Trade

I was grumpy yesterday. I blame the weather, all cool and rainy and dark. Like Fall or something. I had so much to do at home but didn't want to go back after being in Pontiac all day. I was missing Ireland. I was tired. I was being a big baby about life

So I stopped at my favorite antique store, The Antique Shoppe, in Fairbury.  I always feel better just walking around in there. The owner Kathy Kuperschmid was having her Christmas Open House. Now keep in mind, I don't do open houses. They usually have all these...uh...people there. Now don't get me wrong, I generally like people, in fact we even have a few people in our own family but as I already said once but you probably weren't listening...I was grumpy yesterday.

But I like Kathy, and her store, so I went in. Now you should know, even though her store was gorgeous I am not going to talk about that here. You can see how beautiful it was on her Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Antique-Shoppe/128705130483402

Instead I am going to talk about the rarity of customer service. Kathy's staff made sure I found the snacks (Like I needed help to find food. So cute) And they made certain, without being obnoxious, that I found any items I was looking for. Then they were super organized at the checkout counter with one person adding up my purchases while another wrapped them.

And lets  just talk about that wrapping shall we? I did not spend all of last months milk money, I was quite frugal I believe, selecting a few shimmery, silvery ornaments. (Yes, I am part crow, Your should see my nest. No, on second thought you should not)

But Kathy's staff wrapped each of my items as if I'd spent a million bucks, with care and soft paper.

THEN she gave me 20%off  my highest price item. Not the lowest price like so many Mall Rats do but 20% off the highest item. I used that towards a scarf I bought. One that will not be worn in manure land. No, I am not showing you the scarf  'cause you'll want it and you'll call me and email me and who needs that? Just got to Kathy's store and get one yourselves you big bottom feeders you.

As if all that wasn't enough, Kathy sticks a card in my bag for another 20% off any item the next time I come. So, I left feeling all special and giggly as I now had a pretty package to carry and glittery,shiny things to decorate my home with.

Just a good reminder about WHY I shop local more and more and more. Because shop owners like Kathy and her husband Daton (who by the way manages the Local Ace Hardware where I buy all my Lye for soap making) go to the effort to make you feel like you matter. As if they really are glad you came into their store that day.

I hope Keith and I do the same for our customers. If not, tell us. I can't promise I'll be putting bows on your packages of bacon but I can certainly remember to smile more and I feel a 20% off day coming real soon. Stay posted. Now go out there and SHOP LOCAL this Christmas season!

Raw Milk Update

The Bloomington/Normal Pantagraph started running our ad for raw milk last Friday. We have had a few extra calls from interested future customers. The Kankakee Journal will not run our ad and will not tell me why. I'm still waiting for an answer from a supervisor. I have not yet heard back from Mr Bill Beaty at the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding Raw milk laws in Illinois. Our customers have done very well with our increase to $5 a gallon for our raw milk effective Nov. 1 and one customer today spent $90 for milk and meat and gave me $120. He would not accept his change telling me it was in support of all that we do and fight for. Amazed and humbled I was. Grumpy mood all gone. You People...are the best.


  1. Now THAT'S a customer!! Your ornaments are pretty. Reminds me that I have some of my mother in laws mercury glass ornaments in the basement. Must dig them out.

  2. So right about shopping local. We have a grocery shop in town and they will order stuff if they don't have it. They have nice staff who remember me and remember what kind of things I often buy. They point out special offers. They recommend good cheese. They specifically stock as much as possible that is grown on made locally. Is it any wonder this shop is my automatic shopping stop?

  3. One should always shop locally as long as the products are good. Often I find this is not the case. However, with hardware stores, etc, it is almost essential, otherwise they just disappear. Then it's too late, and we only have ourselves to blame.

  4. I'm going to have to stop there!! Bernie brought me a gift of honey and soap from your store and I was ever excited to see of course the honey and soap but also that you have a blog!! Yay! I'll be stopping to make a visit in the next couple of days!!

  5. Hello, I hail from will county and let me tell you, there is a serious market for products like yours (mainly raw milk) in this area. You may be able to advertise in this area. I know it's rather far, but your milk prices can not be beat! Not to mention quality, taste etc... I think a raw milk ad would be refreshing and a great boon for your farm drawing customers from this area. Good luck.

  6. Isn't it amazing that, just when you don't want to be around people, someone comes forward and MAKES YOUR DAY?! Love your new ornaments. I like shiny!