Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soapy Sunday

Been blogging for 2 and 1/2 years and still terribly unstructured in my posts. But not anymore. From here on out SUNDAY will be Soapy Sunday. No, it will not include bathing of farm animals, nor is it a reference to cleaning my house. That project is so past saving, why bother ? Today I noticed a toothbrush on the floor of our bathroom, in the corner, under a protective cover of spider webs. This means that not only is the house dirty...but someone has not bothered to brush their teeth for awhile. You think YOU are grossed out ?!?

Thus Soapy Sunday can only refer to the act of saponification. Oh how I love that word. If you want to love that word too then you must memorize the following definition. Or not. Just skip to the pictures if you refuse to expand your medulla oblongata.

Saponification is a process that produces soap, usually from fats and lye. In technical terms, saponification involves base (usually caustic soda NaOH) hydrolysis of triglycerides, which are esters of fatty acids, to form the sodium salt of a carboxylate. In addition to soap, such traditional saponification processes produces glycerol. "Saponifiable substances" are those that can be converted into soap.[1]

With Christmas rapidly approaching and several requests for soaps to give as gifts I have turned to hot process to beef up my store stock. The main reason I like HP is you have to really SLAM the mold on the counter very hard to get the soap well packed. I can't help it. It just feels good to SLAM something once in awhile. I was going to call this soap "Christmas Tree" as I used wheat grass powder for the green color and thought I'd get this nice snow on a Evergreen Effect with some titanium dioxide for the top layer.

Apparently I was too stingy with the wheat grass powder. But then I saw something else. A lovely sea green effect. And those waves ! In one bar I swear I saw the image of a sailboat. Maybe you'll see it too. Look closely, its a little hard to make out.

Did you see it ? Cool huh ?
After studying these bars more closely...

Its obvious that "Christmas Tree" doesn't work even though I scented with a fun combo of Pine, Cedar wood, Blood Orange and Eucalyptus essential oils. Instead I'm thinking of something more like "Celtic Sea Waves of  a Benumbing Winter Morn Crashing onto the Shores of Kinvara Bay"

What do you think?


  1. Interesting looking soap, creative scent and colour play.... I love your WRITING! You are so funny and I love reading about your soaping adventures. xo Jen

  2. Good stuff!! I won't lie, though: reading that saponification process may have hurt my medula oblongata, alright!

  3. Kelp(ic) Dreams??? lol

  4. I like the way your soap turned out. I must have been on the same wavelength as you. I put up a couple batches of goat's milk soap yesterday (Sunday). It was cold processed, though, and I don't get the joy of slamming it on the counter.

  5. ......or Celtic Sea Waves for short ~ that is a perfect name Donna! The scent combination would have a fresh, ozonic note to it I think so it translates as easily to ocean as forest :)

  6. Love your blog, Donna!

    The soap is beautiful - what a cool gift!

  7. I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  8. You're my hero! All that you do and soap too?! I'm lost for words . . .