Friday, November 18, 2011

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Yes. I lied. I told you yesterday I would have something NEW and EXCITING to talk about on today's blog. But, truth is, the only new thing around here is making me sad.

For the last 11 months our grand kids have been with us every weekend, from Friday afternoon until late Monday morning,  while their mommy worked 12 hr night shifts three nights in a row,(she's an RN like me the goofy girl.)

Well, nothing lasts forever and recently her schedule changed, she now is working day shift,  which means our grand kids schedule changed which means our schedule changed  and we will only have the GK's every third weekend.

This is our first weekend without a couple of hoodlums we love dearly. And that has made me sad. New and exciting will just have to wait. In the meantime lets all sing together, shall we?
                       OH-BLA-DI  OH-BLA-DA life goes on.....


  1. Aww Donna ~ big hugs for you xxx

  2. Bummer.... But, think of the great time ahead when you have them again.

  3. Just keep ringing that bell, and all will be well. (Oh my goodness, that rhymes)

  4. Topcat. Thank you. Hug good.

    MBJ. Yes I have been making BIG plans for when they are hear next. We might just bake two batches of cookies

    Cro. My sad is not so bad with kind words by the French Lad

  5. Hang in there, and have faith. The Lord will work it all out.

  6. I am sorry Donna :( Well, look at it this way: at least their mama probably doesn't have it so rough--I've done night shift work and, Dear Gods, that is crazy. Ha, and it wasn't even in nursing!


  7. I feel your pain! At least they are still nearby . . . right? My youngest daughter and her husband are considering moving to Vancouver Island. And taking my newest little granddaughter with them. The nerve!