Thursday, November 10, 2011

For Love of a Dragon

This evening's sky as seen from
The Midlife Farmwife's back porch

Before I forget....too late, let me think...I was sitting right here at the keyboard, I had just ordered new software to help me finish my book, its called Dragon Naturally Speaking the Premier Version (the software, not my book, my book title is up in the air but several titles are in the running) so I can talk into my little digital voice recorder and then download my story ideas to my PC where Dragon will instantaneously turn it into WORDS on my Microsoft Word Program so I can get this book finished because I was only in HS three years no not because I was a dummy but because I wanted to graduate early and so I never ever took a typing class and I therefore don't really type I mostly hen peck really really fast and then I remembered I lost the cord to connect the voice recorder to the PC so I went back on Amazon and ordered THAT and then checked my email for a receipt and found another  email asking me about participating in


I was going to tell you all about Farmhouse Fridays on The Renegade Farmer. Check it out right here

And we're back. Showed the house to our first prospective buyer today. We've had folks ask us about the farm, and the realtor has had several calls but this was the first serious interest. As we walked around showing all that is going on here it dawned on me how quickly our life might be changing. What if this buyer is THE ONE? What if all we have been planning for, a tinier, simpler life with one vehicle (have not yet killed each other with week one of this) a small scale house and growing food only for ourselves, actually comes true?

Can we really downsize that fast ? Furniture to sell or give away, "trinkets" to throw away or re gift, clothing to pack up and share with those in greater need and 18 years of collections to find homes for.
On top of that a new home must be found. Animals for our new farm must be choosen .Will we rent an apartment while we look or just live in the youngest sons HUGE attached garage as we keep threatening?  Where will the choosen animals stay? Perhaps we will buy an old locomotive car, remodel it into a live able space and park it on some land. Or maybe, we'll buy an old gypsy wagon, hook up the horses who need to learn their keep and just take off know...the county or something. Winter is coming you know, lets not get too drastic about long distance travel.

Or this person  who looked around today will go home and say "No way am I doing all that work, those people are insane!"

Either way, the events of today has given us a ton to think about and thinking about speaking...did I mention the new Dragon Naturally Speaking software I just bought? I forget what it's for but I'm sure my grand daughter will love it. She adores Dragons.

Speaking of which, last week we had a new customer whose first name was Dragon. I kid you not. You know if I was Stephen  King I would turn all these coincidences into another scary novel. I would call it...wait for it...Dragons Lot or was it The Dragon Tower ? Dragon Cemetery?

Someone, just put me to sleep.

                                      Raw Milk Update

No news yet from Mr Bill Beaty at the Illinois Department of Public Health. Our ad in the Bloomington Pantagraph has resulted in four new raw milk customers and two new meat customers. The Kankakee Leader called me yesterday and changed their mind about running our ad (They had told us 3 days ago they could not) They said they now WILL run our ad for raw milk and meat. I don't have any idea why the change of heart but decided not to look a gift horse in the classified mouth. That ad started today so we'll see who in the Kankaee area is looking for raw milk.



  1. I wonder if they will be "the one". Kind of scary isn't it?

  2. I will suggest converting one of those semi trailer shipping containers into a home. When you want to move just have it picked up and hauled to the new location. Less packing that way.

  3. Good to hear The Kankakee Leader has come on board. The editor must be a supporter!

    I suggest an old 747 jet as a new home. There are hundreds of them just lying around, and one would look great propped up on stilts with roses round the door.

  4. MBJ Yes it is and exciting to think of the possible turns our lives may be taking. On the other hand as I look around I think...maybe we should

    Anon. I thought that was afabulous idea until...

    Cro, now THAT is a fabulous idea. At least it would ensure I could sleep in first class!

  5. LOL Donna I am right there with you. I call it the OMG jitters.
    When we left the farm so Brian could go to Purdue he said 6 yrs. Now he's talking about UK for his grad work cutting the apartment time to 2.5 yrs. I waffle continually between wanting to be out of the apartment and worrying if we can find a place we like in KY or worse yet can I find a nursing position down there that won't make me crazy -crazier.
    Unknown, future, scary and exciting!!

  6. A Gorgeous picture Donna and it never did me any harm two finger typing (occasionally three if I'm in a good mood.)

  7. Thanks for the follow! I've never read anything like your blog and am now a follower, too. When I lived in Mississippi, I used to drive every summer back & forth with my parents to Wisconsin to visit extended family and we always passed by Kankakee. Haven't thought of that town in ages.