Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slippery Sunday

Once in a Green Moon Soap.
Fun to make but too much Titanium Dioxide causes cracking.
But then again the moon's surface was dry and cracked was it not?
Sunday is supposed to be about soap, except when your friend Jay comes to visit As with all Jay visits, it started out quite simply.We sat around the kitchen table and caught up on work, family, and the most recent holiday. We then moved into the living room to watch a couple movies and eat entirely too much popcorn covered with butter. And about a ton of salt.
Jay, dissecting my dining room wall after stripping it of its its previous
decor such as clocks and photos.
Before I go on, you need a little background about Jay.. Years ago, in fact, over 35 years ago, he and I and his twin brother ran away for two weeks. We lived out of the blue Chevy van, which had carpeting not only on the floor it on all the walls. It was 1976, and our parents did not." understand us." So of course we had to run away. Since that time we have remained good friends, even though we sometimes will go a year or two without seeing each other But we always keep in touch. . But once Jay comes to visit is always an event. By day Jay, works in construction but by night and on the weekends he works primarily in design.
All cold process but with the two layers done about an hour apart, The cicles are
balls of hot process soap made last week. Scented with pine and cedarwood essential oils.
This year's event in redecorating  was all my fault. I started it, as Jay had given me a gift of about 100 small butter pat dishes several years ago. He also built a wonderful display box for all of them. I meant to get them up on the wall but I never did. So when he showed up yesterday. I asked him about helping me with this project.

Butter pat dishes up in first rack. Some old, some new
some white, some blue.
When I came down the stairs this morning at O730. He'd already had a good start; coffee was made ,  and the walls were marked. Screwdrive,r drill , nails, hanging wire were all requested and arranged.  Pictures clocks, etc. were removed, from every wall in my dining room, and then every wall in my  living room. In addition, every knickknack I had in those two rooms  was placed in the dining room on the table . . Pictures were rehung, shelves were rearranged, clocks were reset, batteries were replaced. Colors were coordinated, textures were redefined, balance was discovered, equilibrium was restored, and the farmhouse  had quite an adjustment. I will admit, as I always have to do after Jay visits, my house looks much better. Of course, watching him work is always exhausting.

Butter pat dish racks up on dining room wall with
my stained glass piece from Ireland in the middle.
He never does one thing at a time, he usually has six or seven things going at once , , but at the end it all comes together very nicely.  And then he goes home and the tornado that was my house dissipates. quiet  and peace return , but but so does that little empty spot that was filled for a little while by a friend named Jay.
Colored with wheat grass powder, the textures were oh so natural looking


  1. Hope you sent him home with some soap. He'll need a cleanup after all that activity. Send him over here. I could use some rearranging.

  2. Who would have ever thought that there were special little plates for pats of butter...

  3. Such a wonderful story --- to have friends that go back far and who pick up where they left off...those are the best kind of friends!


  4. I really like that soap. The moons are great.... Yup, I'd buy that one.

  5. Actually, I strongly suspect that anonymous commenter is a city person because I, too, had no idea that you could have a little dish just for a pat of butter. Wow, us urban folks are way in the dark about this!! :)

    Jay sounds like some kinda fellow. How do I get him out here? I have tons of projects that need work! Annnnd....what kinda renegade are you? Running away? What a wild child! :D

  6. I love the look of this soap... wheatgrass powder? Nice. Love the balls. I am going to begin experimenting with madder root powder.... xo Jen

  7. MBJ, Yes he went home with soap. It was the least I could do

    ANON. I had no idea either until Jay showed these to me. He had bought them over a decade ago from an elderly woman who had been collecting them for years. I may be the first to actually put butter in them !

    Lana, Yes Jay and I are able to always pick up where we left off, no matter how much time passes between visits.

    Cro, so glad you like. Cost is just $4 and another $3 for shipping. I might even throw in a free peacock. Send me your address

    Zan, yes I was a wild child. Between 1976-1979 Jay and I were in all kinds of trouble. Just ask the Will County police. Fortunately neither of us got pregnant

    Jen, thanks so much. Your soap comments mean the world to me. Have fun with the maddor root powder. I so love that stuff, even though it is slightly abrasive it has its own wonderful fragrance.

  8. Bwahahaa! Yes, that birth control must have worked well for Jay ;)

  9. Great story,great plates, and I love how you just casually slip in photos of that fabulous earthy soap! ;) Keep it up!