Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sudsy Sunday

Yes, I'm showing consistency. Two weeks in a row I am talking about soap. I kind of enjoy the stress free environment. To date there are few regulations regarding homemade soap sales. You do need to label them ingredient wise and you do need to be honest with that labeling. I think I can do that without even thinking about arguing the points with any government types.

Isn't that refreshing?

Oh, there's one more thing. I can't claim that my soap will cure leprosy or shrink tumors or return sight to the blind. Again, shouldn't be hard. Heck I don't even guarantee it will do I know what kind of water you have at home?

But I do feel pretty comfortable saying it SHOULD lather. How's that for a marketing slogan?

Now lets get to todays soap topic. My bed is calling. Last year when I started this new hobby I tried all the fun stuff, the lab made dyes, crayons, RIT dye, yup I'm ashamed but tis best to come clean . After a few weeks of experimentation I decided to go all natural. I thought this would mean all brown because of what I was seeing out there in the stores and Farmers Markets.

Then a wonderful fairy godmpther of soap, Mz. Cocobong herself sent me some clays to play with. (And before I forget, Monsieur Magnon is not allowed to comment on this post. We all know why) They were FUN. It's taken some time to learn how much clay, a couple batches came out a bit dry, but over time I improved. I then moved onto plant powders (yes, all legal) and even some algae powder (spirulina). I also color with beer, eggs, milk, aloe gel, juices, and coffee.

Last week I gathered up all my leftover bars, and samples and put them into this box. Look at all those colors! Now I'm selling the peices in my store and folks love them. Especially those who have problems with decision making. They can take 2-3 samples home with them for the price of one bar.

 A great way to enjoy something natural without making a long term committment to it.


  1. Love the photo! Love the post. And I meant to comment on you store post - your store looks fabulous!! xo Jen

  2. What a wonderful collection of soaps! I would love to try them for myself. Do you sell any on ebay?

    How on earth do you find time to write Donna?

    Good luck with your soap & book

  3. Grrrrh, drrum, brrrd, doooh. (deep breath) Dpppppr, brrruud, Gaaaah.

  4. Well, you are lucky. In Germany we have very strict regulations, you need a very expensive certificate for each recipe, a seperate soap kitchen and so on...
    But I love the way you soap and the fun you are having. And I really like the way you write, not only about soap. I am sure your customers adore your soap and I hope the will buy, buy, buy... :-)
    Greetings from Germany, Angela

  5. Colourful collection. You should clean up with the sales from that.

  6. Jen, thank you so much I enjoy spending time in my store one day I plan to live in their full-time.

    Jarmara, finding time to write is difficult. I have to schedule it. I recently purchased Dragon naturally speaking software and it is speeding up things tremendously. Also, I'm an insomniac.

    Dear Crow, you showed great restraint and I am very proud of you.

    Top cat, thank you very much. The joy is in the making.

    Angela, and I thought the United States had too many rules! I can't imagine having to have a separate soaping kitchen. Sometimes when I'm in a rush. I'll even make a pot roast in my crockpot at the same time that I am making soap. My husband is too smart to complain.

    MBJ, you jest, but the truth is my house has never smelled so good be since I started making soap. I cannot say it is cleaner though I have soap scraps everywhere.!

  7. And they smell soooo lovely too!!! I got some of the pumpkiny spicy (?) smelling and MMMMM they smell amazing!! My kiddos are still talking about the piggies when we came out to your place a few days ago! Next time I'm hoping to meet you too :0)

  8. Have you tried spices yet? Paprika and Turmeric as well as cocoa powder are a lot of fun. The latter leaves the tub brown but all I have to do is wash it away, it's worth the effect!

  9. Love the sample tray -I'm especially taken with the rose/cream colored bar at 7:00! Very nice! :) ~Becky

  10. Ann, because Keith keeps me chained to the soap pots, Quicken, Facebook :) I don't meet as many customers as he does but still I appreciate the kudos's very much. We'll give your best to the piggies who once again are in lockdown!

    Ginger, I have tried some but going slow as I have read some can be irritaating to skin. What have been your favorites and why?

    Soap Sister. Thanks so much for stopping by again. I too loved the rosey one. I scented it with Bergamont and Geranium Rose or was it Gernaium Rose and Clary Sage ? Clary sage and Pink Grapefruit ?

  11. Great looking soaps, Donna! Wide variety = lots of options. Can't have too many options! And yes, the natural colors are hardly boring! :)

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