Friday, May 13, 2011

I got your CHIVES right here !

Less than 24 hours until The Stewards of The Land first Farmers Market of the Season. We have confirmation of the following

     Grass Fed Beef
     Organic Pork
     Free Range Eggs
     Herbs like Chives,



     Hand Crafted soap to clean up your cooking mess

Really, its soap, not caramel bars. Made with 95% organic materials
 I call it "Hippie Hemp Soap". due to the  Hemp Oil in it which is great for dry skin
 No dummy, you can't smoke it, but you
can bathe with it.

Not only will you be able to buy fresh produce but we are located in front of one of the coolest antique Shoppes I have even seen. So make a Saturday out of it and come visit us at 301 W. Oak Street in Fairbury, Illinois, USA

That "USA" part is for the thousand or so of my blog followers coming from other countries. You know who you are ! Still time to grab a flight over to see us. I'll get the guest room ready. There, I chased the cat off the guest bed, the guest bed is ready.


  1. That soap looks good enough to eat!

    Our chives are still in the second pot stage and that's in a green house.

    Keep that farmer's market going. It's the sign of things to come.

  2. Art, it rained bats and hogs, most of the morning and was dang COLD too but still people came ! Should be really great when the weather warms up. I, however, may never warm up again.

  3. Bull$hit! that ain't soap!! That is caramel bar. Or, a little slice of heaven

  4. Donna - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your soap! I purchased two bars at the farmer's market and couldn't wait to try them. I can't stop washing my hands! The soap doesn't dry out my skin and smells great! My husband thinks I have a bit of an OCD problem - another one! My hands have never been cleaner! I Can't wait to try some of the other varieties! - your farmer pal, CK

  5. Why oh why does your soap always make me hungry? I swear this batch looks like nut covered caramels.