Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reservations only

Apparently there are still only about 2000 Registered Red Wattle breeding stock in the whole world, one of the reasons they are still on the critically endangered list. We are one of several breeders across the country working hard to increase these numbers and save this breed. One of the ways to save to eat them. One way to eat them is to cull (slaughter) those they do not meet the stringent breeding standards. Meet Mr Sub Standard.

Please Miss, Has the Guvnor called yet ?
He's a handsome lad overall and well built but he's missing a little something. Two little somethings. No, not just those, he's missing his wattles. His full bred RW Mama Anne had them and his full bred RW daddy had them as well but somewhere in utero something went wrong. Maybe because his mama was on the older side (7). Hard to tell. The rest of him is darn near perfect but without the wattles he misses the stud muffin boat and went instead into the que for mighty fine pork belly

Keith offering Mr Sub Standard one last behind the ear scratch. The Red
Wattle in front of him is one of our young RW Gilts who will be bred soon.
Last fall he along with several siblings who also were less than perfect were reserved by several of the Chicago restaurants we serve. This chap was the last of his line. His new owners, Old Town Social on North Ave wanted him big, really big. Well Zeeshan and Jared got their wish. Mr Big Boy here had a hanging weight of 306 pounds !  A record for us and I am sure for the chefs at Old Town.

Now if we can just get him down those long steps leading into the restaurants kitchen.

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  1. 306 lbs...WOW! That is a big porker! Our biggest to date had a hanging weight of 300 lbs. We put him in our freezer. Boy, did he taste great! You can't beat the red wattle for taste!!