Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marketing the Farmer at The Farmers Market

Fruits and nuts. Just a few things you might find at your local Farmers Market. Tis the season. Its a strange season though. One you have to watch veeery carefully. For example, after delivering some meat today to Naturally Yours Grocery (Thank You NY) I noticed a few folks set up in the Farmers Market area on North University Ave. in Peoria. Not many, as it is early in the season. Early , being the key word here. I walked up to the first vendor and noticed gorgeous, shiny red tomatoes. Tomatoes ? On May 8th in Central Illinois ? Next to that were bright green zucchini. Hmmm and hmmmm. I began my line of questioning.

-Are these your veggies ?
-Naa. Mine are the ones down there with the dirt on them.
-The radishes and green onions ?
-Yeah, they are from my garden.
-Where are these from ? (I point to the magazine glossy, all the same size tomatoes)
-Those are grown in Florida. My boss brings them up
-Uh huh. But you grew the dirty ones?

Guess which ones I bought ? Yup, you people are so smart. I bought the dirty ones, the imperfect ones , the slightly droopy ones, THE REAL ONES. And I am sure when I prepare them they will be the TASTY ones as well.

So if you live local and are ready to start your Farmers Market Season, be sure and stop by this one this Saturday .

                           Farmers Market
             Every Saturday all Summer 8-12
                        Grass Beef, Organic Pork
                                       Free Range Eggs
                              Fresh Produce,Herbs and
                        Handcrafted Soaps and MORE

                Held at The Antique Shoppe
               301 W. Oak St  Fairbury, Ill

               Sponsored by The Stewards of The Land LLC

P.S. If you mention this blog I'll give you 10% off any South Pork Ranch's frozen meat and handcrafted soap. Hope to see you then !


  1. I'm looking forward to my home grown veggie. I'm with you on a little bit of dirt is a good thing. Nothing quite like how mother nature intended food to be.

    Good luck with your Farmers' Market

  2. Thanks Jarmara. You do know your comments make me think about your book which makes me think about my book which keeps me motivated, don't you ?

  3. I drove through Peoria on my way to Minnesota! We scrambled to find something to do in town on the GPS and found the Wheels of Time Museum. Not exciting...plus it was closed. But I did get a picture of an old train...

  4. Prefer the ones with dirt on any day ! at least you know they are fresh !

  5. Oh Briny Bar, I'm sorry your GPS did not tell you about the Rt 66 Museum ! Its really very cool and folks come to see it from all over the world. You must come back sometime

  6. I went to grade school in Fairbury! (And college in Champaign-Urbana). Wish I could stop by the farmers market and say hi!