Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real Men Blow Bubbles

Last Sunday after the Easter ham was eaten and the eggs were found in the too high grass, the men in my family do what all good men do with their families; they got out the bubble wands. And now a photo essay just for you. (Oh man, the men folk are not going to like this, but...oh well.)

Jason, expecting to see Glenda the Good Witch, is dissapointed
when only his father appears
Dead tree through a bubble. A still life.

Jason, Keith, Allana and Wes get the bubbles rolling

Wesley worked hard to catch his bubbles
but they always seemed to be just out of his reach
Colton concentrated on technique rather
than size of the bubbles.

It only took 200 pictures to get this shot,
that's why I love digital cameras

Eventually he got the hang of it.

Chasing bubbles can be exhausting. The kids got tired too.


  1. Oh lady, you just make me laugh, and laughing is a big deal these days! Love that pinky technique!! Sure hope the people in your life have as much of a sense of humour as you do:)))

  2. Well some of them do and the others...well they still love me making ME the one that is blessed. Most of them are pretty good at teasing me back, especially my oldest son, Mr Pinky.

    Glad you are able to laugh again. I think of you often

  3. I love that real men do blow bubbles....Makes this soapmakers heart smile :-)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!