Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rorschack Soap Blot Test

Quick. Don't think about it. What do you see in this bar of soap ?

OK. Next one, same thing. First impression only.

And finally the last Rorschach Soap Blot example. Remember go with your gut.

So shall we compare ? This is what I saw.

 Bar number one: Profile pic of a seeing eye dog suffering from some nasty brain damage after using    one of those goofy Flo-Bee haircutting devices.
Bar number two:Leonardo DiCaprio's boot going under the waves as he leaves the Titanic
Bar number three Monarch Butterfly breaking free from an over frosted brownie

Thanks for playing.
The really really scary thing is my soap was supposed to come out looking like this:

Ah well, so much being a "self-taught" soaper. The smell ? Mine is similar to an orange piece rolled in an old Recess Cup and left out in the sun all summer. Oddly sweet like gym socks of that boy you really liked in high school.

Just a reminder:


  1. thanks for the laugh ! I got picture no 2 not sure about 1 and 3 !
    the soap looks lovely x

  2. Number three sort of looks like one of those big hairy spiders after someone stepped on it. I'm sure they smell and lather beautifully.

  3. Janet, I am so honored you stopped by my blog. Your energy level for all you do humbles me.

    Mybabyjohn, yes it does lather great ! Sort of like those cakes we make that look horrible but taste fantastic !