Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ready Freddy ?

August 8, 2009

Put your hands together please for our new addition to the Pest Control Team at Green Acres Farm. Freddy, half Border Collie, Half Corgi, is 3 months old and hails from the Farmer City area. (Yeeeeeesssss, there really is a town named Farmer City in Illinois, it is just southeast of Soy Village over there by Wheatland, could I get back to the puppy story please ?!)

Freddy comes from a long line of livestock herders. His great grandfather Freddie' the Fabulous, (he came from Fraaance) traveled with the original New World settlers, moving cattle down the Chisholm Trail. We therefore have tremendous hope for our new canine, and feel He'll make an excellent herd dog. (Once he gets over the childish habit of ramming his ice cold nose up unsuspecting peacock bottoms just to see how high they'll leap in the air.)

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  1. That was a visual that will have me chuckling at odd moments all day long! Thank you!