Monday, August 17, 2009

And the winning bride is.....

August 17, 2009

Yesterday, my family and I hosted a bridal shower for my daughter-in-law -to- be, Amanda. She is a wonderful young woman who will be the bride of our youngest son Kyle in just a few weeks. Our daughter-in-law Tab provided all the food, drinks and cake while our daughter Raven was in charge of games. Sidebar: at the same time this shower was held, Kyles' uncle Dave held a "non-shower" for Kyle at out house. No games were played, a few new tools were thrown Kyles way and lots of meat was eaten. Probably raw.

One of the games we females played was Toilet Paper Bride, a favorite at bridal showers world-wide.( Except in Cuba which is currently very short on toilet paper. Just one more reason to celebrate America). For this game, woman folk separate into teams and design a wedding dress on one of the other team members who has no problem looking foolish, often an unsuspecting child. This years winner, chosen by the real bride, was our oldest granddaughter Nicole. She was delighted.

At the end of the event I went all mushy inside. Seeing my grandaughter being fussed over by not one but TWO great grandma's was awesome. Both of them are seamstresses as well as women who have lived through financially tight times. No wonder they knew how to make bows, tiara's and trains out of TP ! The whole event also made me miss my own mommy, now gone 11 years. Thelma Lucille Durham O'Shaughnessy only made it to age 67. She knew just a few of her grandchildren, dying before even a hint of great grandchildren was possible.

But her absence left me sad for just a moment. Mostly it intensified my gratefullness for the matriarchs we still have in our family. The GREAT ladies of Charmin as they shall now be forever known.

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