Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its a Raw Deal

August 6, 2009

We have cows, who eat grass, who produce milk. Real RAW milk. The kind I drank as a child, (when I was lucky enough to visit the Schlick farm) The kind my children drank. The kind my grandchildren now drink. None of us has 3 eyes, purple noses, or uncontrollable twitching. We drink it because it tastes fantastic and we believe it is far better for us than the overheated, fat removed, watered down crud that is sold in the stores.

Raw organic milk from pastured cows has been proven to be higher in vital nutrients like Vitamin A and D and vitamin E. It has fewer pesticides as proven in 2004 by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. It has more antioxidants, two to three times more. These antioxidants are extremely important for eye health. It has more Omega-3 fatty acids and more CLA (conjugated linoleic acids) which increase metabolism, immunity and muscle growth.

With all this going for it our government still makes it illegal to sell raw milk in 22 states !! In the 28 states that do allow raw milk sales, each state has widely varying rules and regs on HOW you can sell raw milk. In Illinois where we are located, consumers can buy raw milk from us as long as they bring their own container and transfer the milk from our tank into their container themselves. And as nice as it is that Illinois will ALLOW us to sell a product that we have produced, on on our farm, with our own hard labor, we are not allowed to advertise that we sell raw milk. So once more the illogical lawmaker rears its two-sided head by telling the farmer its OK to sell the raw milk, just don't TELL anyone you do. WHAT !?!?

Fascinating irony by our law makers once again since it is LEGAL TO CONSUME RAW MILK just not always legal to sell it. In fact, it is even illegal for me to give away what we have produced on our own farm. Because if I put some of our cold fresh milk into a canning jar with a pretty ribbon and then give it away on Christmas morning to my best pal Anastasia B. , I am considered a "bottling plant." Now I am worried. When I pour a glass of milk and give it to one of the grandbabies (oldest now 7) , could I be arrested for illegal bottling and distribution of raw milk ? Should I have the second grader sign a waiver of liability ? Perhaps it is time to construct a secret raw milk distribution and consumption hut in my neighbors woods. We could build a hidden tunnel, pump milk to the hut late at night, wear masks of Dean Foods Head Honchos ,consume raw milk by candlelight and sing kumbaya . And people wonder why the family farm is rapidly disappearing from our once very free country.

Now its time for my breakfast. Cereal with raw milk, scrambled eggs made with raw milk, a big glass of raw milk. I might even sautee some bacon in it.

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  1. Hi Donna. I'm in Tennessee and we can't buy a glass of raw milk to save our life! I would love to come to your midnight milk drinking extravaganza!! Maybe I can sneak over for some the next time I visit my sister.

    Keep up the good work!

    Pam Stahl (Stacey's sister)

  2. Pam, any sister of Staceys is entitled to a truck load of our milk. Come on by !