Monday, August 10, 2009

Knights in White Satin

August 19, 2009

When I trudged to my garden early this morning, coffee dribbling down my sleep deprived lips, I found these two ghostly images. The sighting of this pair is rare, in fact usually only seen by members of this family. When we have visitors we'll take them to the porch and tell them mystical stories of our all-white peacocks, but when they never show up, our visitors are sure we are once again just fabricating stories of the wonder that is Green Acres Farm. We'll tell them "No, wait ! They'll be here any second. One has an eye that glows glittery amber and the other leaves the aroma of lavender as she flies past your face. Its pure magic I tell you." But again the peacocks remain aloof, make fools of the farmer.

But this morning, the Midlife Farmwife had her camera close by and evidence was captured.

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  1. where did these come from? I don't remember such lore......