Friday, August 21, 2009

Inventory sale, now in progress.

August 21, 2009

My husband should write a book, "How to make your farm wife happy in one day." Some husbands might think they already know the secret to a happy wife. A few roses, a paltry diamond ring or two, a night at the Pink House near St Joe. Honorable attempts but the real secret is dejunking. Ooops, I mean "inventory reduction", because on our farm there is no real junk just a lot of potential lurking in several piles on our land. Not all our land, we have some rules you know. I am in charge of the areas between the house and the driveway that circles our house. I keep that area pretty free of extra non usable stuff. Over the last couple years though,I have moved my troops farther out and begun invasion of what used to be farmerville. Bit, by bit, tire by tire, rusty fence pole by rusty fence pole I have molded the farm into a neater place.

Junk Pile number one. Half way
through the sorting process.

Junk Pile number two. Soon to be

When I say "I", it really means Keith. I suggest, suggest some more, suggest again and he begins to move things. I help with manpower too, I'm not a total nag, but truth is Keith does most of the strong arm work. Now fall is coming upon us and as we expect more customers and visitors to the farm my husband jumped right in this am (with our faithful intern Aaron at his side), and began the shifting of the piles. The iron is sorted through and loaded up to be taken to the junk yard, the burn pile is burning, the inventory we agreed to keep is all relocating to ONE spot in the farmyard which will have a decorative fence placed in front of it (Thank you Kristy and Adam for the fence).

Previous junk pile. Now a wide open
space to allow bovine observation on
a quiet evening.

So, wife is happy, which makes husband happy. Life is good. Watch this blog as fall cleanup evolves.

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