Friday, June 5, 2009

The Farmhouse of Usher

June 6, 2009

I should be sleeping. I have to go to the hospital in a few hours and work my regularly scheduled 12 hour night shift on the Medical-surgical floor. But Alas, I cannot. The wailing sounds, flashing lights and eerie music of the Farmhouse of Usher waketh me. It says "clean me, dust me, scrape the old dead ladybugs , flys and tarantulas out of my windowsills"

I used to be a good housekeeper, back in 1814 when I had just two kids and a small rental home in town. The yard then was the size of my front porch now, and there were no gardens to care for because I had no brains for planting things . (Hmmm does the seed go on top or underneath the dirt ?) Well I did have 6 cute little matching pots with red geraniums on the front steps. My neighbor kept them watered. Now we are rich in farm land, farm animals and farm life. This equates to a house that never really gets clean because farm work is never ending.

I make attempts. Diaper wipes are my salvation. Before changing the grandson I'll use one side of the wipe to swoosh the hay and straw out of the sink, the other CLEAN side goes to his bottom. (Ladies , put down the phone to DCFS, I only mixed up the dirty and clean sides of the diaper wipe once). I am also very conscientious about our dog. If I think one of my grandbabies is going to drop food on the floor I call Buster in RIGHT AWAY to lick it up. My kitchen floor always looks clean, however if anyone ever cultured it....

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