Monday, May 18, 2015

Walk this Way...To My New Blog

So, this is goodbye to my old friend The Midlife Farmwife. I've had this blog over 5 years and she has been berry berry good to me but the times they are a changin' , oh bla dee oh blah da...(what next a "blowing in the wind" reference?!?!)  I'll get to the point.

We've moved. We don't live here anymore. I'm not The Midlife Farmwife anymore, yes I'm still happily married and we still farm but it's all very  different and I haven't figured out my new CB handle yet. We live on The Poor Farm now and I of course am blogging all about it. Follow me won't you? The Kool Aide is very sweet and cold over here.  The drinking water though is still lukewarm. See you on the other side.

       The Poor Farm