Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot Child Full of Pity

June26, 2009

Holy sweat glands Batman ! Another day over 95 degrees. Fifth day in a row. We keep getting up earlier to try and beat the waves of stifling heat here in Central Illinois but about 1/2 way through morning chores it hits us again. The knowledge that it is indeed...summer. Less than 10 days ago we had lots of cool rain and needed jackets to be outside. Now we're wearing white trash garb all day long. (I can say "white trash" because I come from a long line of very proud white trash, most still swiggin' on the Mountain Dew in between trips to the junkyards of Southern Indiana)

Our daily uniform consists of as little as possible, and by the time we are washing up buckets and milkers in the tank room well after dark, most of our clothing has been shucked off and left hanging on the tank room door.

Now before your greedy little heads start thinking "Woo Hoo we could be making some big money on the rural calender couple", remember; whatever skin is no longer covered by clothing is definitely covered with fly specks, mosquito bites and artistic manure smears. The cows love us sooooo much they like to mark us. Still thinking impure thoughts ? I didn't think so.

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