Saturday, April 25, 2015

48 Hour Countdown to the Poor Farm

Last piece of farm equipment for sale.
With just 48 hrs to go before we have to up and out I have no business blogging but if I pack one more thing tonight (it's nearly midnight) I will hurl. There is no way we have only lived in this farmhouse only 20 years because we have removed at least a century's worth of crap in the last week. I blame...everyone else. The kids who made such adorable pottery items (which I saved, which none of them wanted when I suggested THEY take them home last week, which is why they are all in the dumpster now, the handmade vases not the kids) the auctions Keith and I frequented and the wicked auctioneers who made me buy Wizard of Oz plates (for what ?!? serving cookies to scarecrow next time he drops by?) the garage sales I stalked in order to buy yet another Evening in Paris bottle or compact, (because my mother wore that perfume and she's dead and I miss her that's why) and well, that's enough blame for tonight.

Tomorrow my grand group of sisters and my lovely daughter will be here to help me clean this wasteland, I mean lovely four square farm abode; so new owner lady can arrive Monday and realize windows were never actually blacked out per se, they just hadn't been washed since 1963.

Although we are very excited about our new life just right there on the horizon we know the adjustment will be huge. Going from a 2000 square foot home with basement, barns, machine shed, and farm store to a small camper for the summer (think tiny and cramped and tiny) property with no barns yet, no electric fence yet and that other minor utilities will be a real shock to our spoiled butts. That's is correct, no electricity, no water, no internet, nada, nothing.

We are so nuts.

The electric should come soon, power company says another 1-10 days, the water will be later as our new well needed some repair first and the internet; I need for school primarily, will be another week as well. In the meantime we'll be camping, cooking over outdoor fires, and going to bed early if we don't get power soon. Fortunately the new owners are very flexible about our keeping the few animals we are taking with us, here, until we are ready for them up there.

More soon. Gotta get a couple hours sleep before those sisters arrive. When it comes to cleaning those three mean business. Wait till they see what I left for them under the beds, and the couches, and the rugs, and the chairs...I'm all about the giving.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well, you've heard it here first. Unless you are a Facebook friend , or listened to the rumors in town or talked to our mail lady or saw the notice in our farm store; other than all that, you are first to know.

We've sold the farm!

Yes, after four years of listings, showings, near sales, planning, plan ditching, planning again it is really happening this time. New owners are moving in on Monday. JUST 5 DAYS FROM NOW! Life is manic crazy with packing, school, selling equipment, school, selling livestock, school, pitching decades of crap, school, and oh yeah, I am still in school full time at UIUC.

Although we have wanted this for a very long time, now that it is here...we are even more desirous to be living our new tiny life which is taking BIG efforts to make happen.  I am scant on time to share details but I will very soon. Stay tuned as we make the move to The Poor Farm. Finally.