Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knock Knock Knockin' on Heavens Door

June 16, 2009

On my way to watch the grandbabies yesterday a large gravel truck pulled out in front of me. I had seen him off to the left at the gravel quarry I pass often. I could also see he was moving a little fast towards me if indeed he was going to make the stop sign facing him. I started to slow down and suddenly he sped up and then he was right in front of me. I had to brake pretty hard but we did miss each other. I was not shook up. I've had many close calls in 38 years of driving, (yes, I started at 12, my dad taught me the ropes on a bright orange-three-on-the-tree-chevy pickup, ) but it made me think about my to-do-list.

Had I written "prepare to die" on that days list ? I think not. So perhaps I need to add it. I mean really, are all my relatonships in good standing ? Starting with the most important, when did I call God last ? Oh, I have emailed him a few times lately but when was the last heart-to-heart conversation ? And how about my husband ? He would say all is well but I know he often gets the short end of the stick. Then there are my children. Do they really know specifically why I am proud of each of them ? How much I treasure them ? And what about my siblings ? Any past injuries that need to be repaired ? Probably.

So my near collision yesterday did put me in great mood and it was easy for me to spend time with my grandkids at the park a large part of the day. Because WHAT IF that was the last time they had time with me at the park, shouldn't those last swing pushes be really excitingly high ? I also bought two new chair cushions for these great metal rockers I found at a garage sale a few years back. Those chairs have been in our garage too long, waiting for me to paint them the perfect color red so they would match the house.

Now they have the cushions my 7 year old granddaughter Nicole picked when we went to the store yesterday to buy picnic grub. The striped blue and brown cushions don't match my house, they just match her little heart. And my husband and I , and my grandchildren and I, are going to sit in those chairs today and watch the peacocks flirt with my husbands green truck because that is always good for a laugh. At least, that is what is on todays to-do list.

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