Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mow is Me

June 4, 2009

Thanks to friend Stacey for the terminology. She must've gotten mighty tired of me complaining about the grass wars. Lots and lots of grass. In a past life that would've been good thing.

Now it means work and more work for both Keith and I. By the time I finish one end of the yard, the end I started with is a foot tall. Last year my husband convinced me to mow less and pasture or "naturalize" more. It made sense but did not result in less work, only a different kind of work. Pastures have to be fenced, perimeters need to be mowed to keep fences from grounding out, and even the pastures themselves have to be mowed at times after grazing to control weeds and allow sunshine to get to the grasses we want to grow. I see it. I want to conquer it. But maybe...I'll convince Keith to put up the hammock instead.

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