Monday, June 15, 2009

Geripediatric Confusion

June 19, 2009

Today is Monday. No, that is not my laundry day or my shopping day. It is my geripediatric day. I go to my daughters house to care for her children while she recovers from HER night shift as an RN. After she wakes I switch gears (grinding them all the way) and head over to my Aunt Bernies apartment to assist her. She is 90. I fill her med box, do her laundry and catch up on all the excitement of her assisted living facility. My sister does all her housekeeping. Between the two of us we are able to keep her somewhat independent.

On a good day I arrive home feeling like maybe I helped some folk in my family. A bad day is when I dress my 21 month old grandson in my aunts grannie panties and then buckle my aunt into his carseat when I take her out for supper. Neither of them complain when I make these mistakes. I guess they just like the change in routine.

Many woman my age (FIFTY ! FIT, FINE oh forget it...I'm just fifty) are part of this "sandwich generation", where we are in between two or more generations, providing care to those younger and older than we are. My 28 year old daughter nailed my life situation awhile back when she said I was more of the "lasagna generation" with many, many layers. (And a very messy looking top layer I might add. Who has time for coiffure ?!)

I love that I am physically able to be with so many I love in one single day. I am thrilled that they know of each other and that Mondays mean four generations of my family can be in one town. I am blessed to have enough nursing skills to know not to mix up the Cardizem with the kids Motrin. And at the end of the day I am tired I could sleep in a calf hutch.

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