Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog...that is the question

May 28, 2009

I hate blogs. They are self- centered, self- involved, self-absorbed, self-effacing, self-indulgent just plain selfish. Obviously written by those who received too little attention from the parental units or even more likely, too much. And yet, I find myself drawn towards them, searching for those bloggers most like me, googling key phrases like "harried farm frau" and "mothers without focus" Talk about calling the self centered pot, black. I search specifically for other midlife farmwives. Women in their primes, working like maniacs to keep it all together. Home, husbands, hobbies (like sleep) farm, faith, children, grandchildren, outside jobs (!) and most likely an elderly relative or two that needs care and support. I need to know of woman who juggle not just a few odd pieces of fruit , but the whole dang orchard. But it is no longer enough for me to stalk other bloggers, its time for me to do a little "blogslogging" of my own.

*blogslogging: to search through other womens' blogs looking for inspiration, guidance, guffaws, and encouragement, to take that info and develop ones own blog for the same purpose. Usually late at night when time would be better spent in a more cerebral activity like washing cow towels.