Sunday, June 22, 2014

Petting zoo Prep


That's a picture of our barn up above. Just in case you're one of the lucky people in this world who wasn't born in one.

Last weekend we put together a small petting zoo for out towns Heritage Days, a celebration that happens every year in June. We promised to bring a peacock.

We pretty much brought everything BUT the peacock. Dang things are hard to catch.

Instead we brought piglets, calves, a cow, ducklings, kittens, a rooster and a really dumb but pleasant turkey. Gathering up the piglets for the event was one of the easier tasks. We bring them in from their outside pen attached to their inside barn stall. Then we block off the barn aisle exits with extra boards, set up the livestock trailer at the other end of the barn, and use a couple large plastic hog panels to convince the pigs which direction they should head.

Here they come!

Tomorrow I'll show you more pics of our petting zoo. You all come back now hear?


  1. Looking forward to it. Is your parting comments referenced to the closing of The Beverly Hillbillies TV show. I can imagine you with a piece of hay hanging from the side of your mouth. I'm sorry, but i cant see any use for a peacock. I live in suburbia and my bloody neighbor thought it would be nice to have 3 of them in the yard next to our house. For almost a year we put up with that screeching less than a few metres from our bedroom.

    Im often told i was born in a barn because i never close doors behind me.

    1. You are right Lynda...they screech like women being...I told know, told to screech I guess. No Irish banshee could out screech those peacocks of ours and yet it's the sole tiny cricket just outside my window that keeps me awake. But in the defense of the peacocks purpose they do eats LOTS of snakes, mice and ticks.

  2. I wish I were born in a barn....then I wouldn't have to continually shut that darned proverbial door.

    Looking forward to the Petting Zoo pictures. How cool for you guys to help with one; I bet the city / suburb kids LOVED it. I know I would have.