Sunday, June 1, 2014

In the Iris of the Beholder

I am terrible about the hear and now.
I am always moving towards the next thing.
The next event, the next chore, the next assignment.

Even though I was a hospice nurse for years.
Even though my four children grew up overnight.
Even though my parents died at the infantile ages of 63 and 67.

But there are times.
Really brief moments when I
Actually take a breath and notice something

Right there in front of my face

Of course I had to trip in a hole in the yard and fall on my knees , my kisser landing in the blossoms before I realized the Iris's were finally in bloom. But still...


  1. I too can be so onto the next thing that I forget to live in the day! I am working on it :O)

    1. It's a curse I share. Here's to the smelling of more roses! And Iris's and Peonies...

  2. I dont know whether to be reflective or laugh! Pretty Iris.

  3. That would get anyone's attention! Beautiful flowers.

  4. I was just talking about this the other day with a friend. My reminder to slow down was when I burnt my arm on a hot pan! OUCH!!

    1. I hear you. I used to soap to loud rock, now I play with lye water only to Folk music. But when I make in the pot swirls it is The Doors all the way!