Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Boomers

Yes, I am aware I have failed you.

Back in May on my 5th Blogiversary I stated (please note it was not a promise) that I planned to post daily for thirty days.

I was doing pretty well at that, well I missed one or two days but knowing how very busy and important lives you lead I figured you wouldn't notice, but then our Internet service abandoned us, sometime early this morning.

In fact it took over an hour for me to load this one photo. I finally gave up and just painted it on the screen. Be careful, the paint is most likely, still wet.

Of course that does not explain the lack of posting on Tuesday or Wednesday. I 'm still working on a valid excuse for those days. In the meantime work did continue here as evidenced by the new pig farrowing hutch featured above. I call is "new" but once again Keith created it entirely from recycled materials. I will take credit only for the paint job. Not a dime was spent on this mighty box which will soon house the piglets of our Red Wattle Clarissa.

After a very awful winter, the loss of two RW litters and much delayed breeding (who is in a romantic mood when the temps are minus 20?) we are now expecting 6 litters this month and next. Even more in late summer/early fall. The boars and girls of South Pork are definitely making up for lost time.


  1. I like your "free" pig arch. But I like your excuses even more!

  2. Next thing you know, we'll be reading about piglet castration again;))))