Monday, June 23, 2014

Petting Zoo Part Deux

Puppette, a Class Act

So as I mentioned yesterday, we participated in the Chatsworth, Il Heritage Days last weekend (Thank you JD for asking us!)

Located in our towns park, under some great shade trees we brought a truckload of critters and GK's to help with the critters. I'll dedicate this post to Puppette, the cow.

Puppette is out of Puppy one of the gentlest bovines we have ever owned and named Puppy for the way she would follow Keith anywhere. Back in the days of 4-H involvement we would participate in June Dairy Days and we had brought Puppy to the same park. Circa 1999. She is no longer with us but her daughter Puppette, now 14 years young herself, not quite as big but just as calm, would've made her mama proud.

But before we could take her in public there was a hygiene issue. Manure happens you know. So Keith kept her in the milk parlor and gave her the spa treatment.


 Then we loaded up calves who went in with the piglets but someone forgot to leave Puppette in the milk parlor and sure enough, she headed back to pasture. And got dirty...again
So shower number two took place.

But we made it to the park on time and in fact before we had all the other animals unloaded the que for Puppette was growing. Not only did we let folks come up, say hello, watch the amazing cud chewing process up close and personal...we also let them milk Puppette by hand.

And they did. Over and over and over. Not just kids but several adults took a hand at it as well.

That's our oldest GK Nicole below, now 12 showing the others how its done. Ms. Puppette stood for over 3 hours having her nether regions, poked, prodded and pulled and kept her cool the entire time. She enjoyed more attention that any of our other farm animals, except maybe the ducks or was it the kittens? Which I'll post on next. All I know for certain is that Banana the turkey was virtually ignored. Go figure.


  1. From the pics I'd say the weatherman was very kind to you for the event! Although from the shot of Puppette in the field, I think I see a boat in the background. We could use one here right about now ... over 11" so far this month and more coming. The Kardashians could take note from Puppette - you catch more attention being calm and patient than shrill and demanding. Poor Banana...

    1. Yes the day was great at 75 degrees. Perfect for man and bovine alike

  2. Townies are so funny; their big moment in life is milking (or trying to milk) a cow. They'll be dining out on the subject for years.

    1. Now if we can just get them to BUY more locally produced food!