Saturday, June 21, 2014

Farm Sale/Poor Farm Update





See that group of trees on the horizon?
That's The Poor Farm

Once again, The Poor Farm, a little closer view.
Seven acres of wild land surrounded by totally
controlled acres of corn on three sides.

It's taken us a couple years but we have finally figured out why our farm hasn't yet sold.

It costs money.

If we had just listed it for free back in 2012, just given it away,when we first decided to put it on the market I'm pretty sure someone else would be living here and we'd be on the streets, I mean living somewhere else. But no. We got greedy and asked for money.

Ah, if only we knew then what we know now.

But, once again there is great hope. Another couple has come forward in the last few weeks, a couple with years of livestock experience and enough children to be great future farm hands. A couple who is ready to work hard.

We really like this couple and we hope the bankers like them too. In fact we've liked most of the couples who has shown interest and if we had been millionaires or at least thousandaires we'd have financed them ourselves. But alas we will need money from our farm sale to put us up in the style we have grown accustomed.

Which at this point will include a house made of tires. More on that in an upcoming post.

In the meantime we go out to the poor farm every weekend and play house. Two of our sons have turned the 7 acres into a great motocross site with well worn paths and we've mowed even more paths through the densely growing future pastures, for the GK''s and us to frolic upon. We even stepped out and mowed the perimeter of the new house, all 1000 Sq ft of it.

A man and his dirt bike.
We know secretly our sons hope our farm
never sells.
They love their new playground

We've mowed paths to the outhouse and down to the trees where we are planning gardens and we've mowed spots for cooking out over an open fire. It sounds like a lot of mowing but really it is just about 10 minutes of time twice a month to keep paths open. The rest of the property is WILD AND FREE! Just like the tons of ticks that bombard us each time we visit.

The overgrown and underdeveloped property has become our own wild life preserve. We are now looking for a very cheap camper, broken down RV, vintage mobile home or hobit house to park out there as a place to store our camping goods or take an afternoon nap. Perhaps we'll even live in it if this place sells and we have a little money to build that dream Earthship we have in mind.

On the other hand we may be 95 and still using the place as a family campsite. Of course it is hardly handicapped accessible but at least the outhouse is slightly downhill from the upper drive, I can always roll myself down to it.

Oh well, only time will tell.


  1. I know that time is always at a premium, but if you can find a few spare minutes do have a look at this house being built. Tyre houses are OK

    1. woops.... Tyre houses are OK, but this wooden job was wonderful.

  2. Oh, Donna, i hope the next owners arrive SOON!

    1. If you see them tell them we're right here waiting OK?

  3. With the right resources and planning, I’m sure this farm will amount to more than a mere family campsite. The place looks like a good venue to grow crops and raise livestock. I hope time will come that we’ll get to see this farm prosper. All the best!

    Kevin Kelley @ Ravensworth Cattle Property