Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yes Chef!

Our daughter-in-law- Tab, a great chef in her own right has taught us a little about the world of cooking. Although a graduate of a well known culinary school she at this time is keeping her job, cooking for a local nursing home and its special residents, even though she could make a lot more money in a high end restaurant.

She's just cool that way.

Her attachment to the elderly in that home outweighs her need to be famous, but we know her time will come.

A couple other chefs with a dream came to our farm yesterday. Meet Dustin Allen (left) and his brother Kyle Allen (right) who own EDGE restaurant in Peoria, Illinois. They are on a mission.

Convinced that the best food to serve is local, fresh food, direct from the farmer, they spent the day visiting small farms in our area and talking about how those products are being raised and how they might best be put to use in their restaurant. As Dustin put it "I have no desire to buy food off some truck that's traveled all over the country."

The brothers were beyond "down home". They were easy to talk to, easy to ask questions of and excited about the type of fresh, chemical free food they can provide to their customers. They welcome challenges and told us "if a farmer has grown a large amount of something and needs to move it we want them to call us. We love last minute challenges. "

It's times like this when young, enthusiastic, hard working, folk show up on our farm and get excited about what we are doing here that Keith and I question our decision to sell the farm. But not for long. Speaking of which, we have received our first offer and we are seriously considering it.

But if we turn it down or it doesn't pan out, you can bet we will be keeping in touch with the Allen brothers. Because every farmer needs an "Edge."

EDGE is located at 5832 N Knoxville Rd in Peoria  Ph is 309-692-3343  Opening day is just a few weeks away. Call the restaurant for exact date or follow the guys on FACEBOOK !


  1. Great to hear you have an offer! Hope everything works out for everyone!

  2. No reason why you couldn't supply them from your new place!

    Personally I prefer female chefs, but if they're going to be male, I want them to look like those two. They look like guys who enjoy what thy're doing.

  3. I sure wish I was in your area!

  4. Hi Donna, so glad i checked out your blog to read about these young entrepreneurs AND also about a serious offer for the farm. Wishing you all the best whatever happens.